Friday, September 19, 2008

Show me the money

BabyBlue has posted a letter from Bishop Howe of Florida to his diocese. The money quote is: "Some of the Bishops who are also lawyers argued that the case law of Pennsylvania would make it more difficult for The Episcopal Church to press its case if we delayed our action until after Pittsburgh's Diocesan Convention."

It really is all about the money. It was inconvenient to wait, to allow for due process to proceed canonically. Since there was no possibility of a check to the House of Bishops' decision, they acted knowing they couldn't be reversed and went for the property.

I guess when you don't believe in God, do not believe in Truth or Justice, when all you have is the here and now, when everything is relative, when sin is socially defined, well then all that is left is the material.

Is this the new anthem of the Episcopal Church?

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