Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Next Big Issue

will apparently be the communion of the unbaptized (COTU), or as it is more trenchantly termed "the communion of the damned (COTD)".

It's prohibited by the rubrics and by tradition but, of course, that hasn't stopped more progressive diocese such as my own (Atlanta) from allowing it.

How do I know it's the next big thing? Well, Episcopal Life Online very nicely signals what the next prophetic thing TEC is called to do by posing questions in its reader response column. My guess is that with COTD being widespread, but not universal, the church wants to make the change to the canons and the rubrics to conform the rules to the reality. And because we're hospitable or whatever.

Here are the money quotes:


Fr. John said...

One fuzzy thinking liberal wrote:

"it has occurred to me that, when a child comes in from this community outreach program, it would be absurd to give the poor kid, who finally has decided that he or she actually wants to come into church, the third degree as to whether he or she was baptized."

Sounds like they were brought in, and God knows what program was the bait.

And how about their parents? Do they know that their children are receiving communion? Do they care? Are they baptized?

This guy's "logic" if carried to its conclusion obviates the need for anyone to be baptized. It becomes optional.

I know of one Southern Baptist congregation that is giving people communion w/o baptism. They said that new members who were adults were "too embarrassed" to undergo a public dunking.

God forbid that anyone should be embarrassed or humbled by their entry into His Church.

This communion of the damned is well named. It clearly is the work of Satan. It eviscerates the Church.

10:46 PM

Fr. John said...

You wrote that you were thinking of leaving TEC.

If you haven't already done so, come by and visit us. We are at 414 N. Highland Ave., corner of Washita and N. Highland. Right behind the Carter Center.

You will be happy to learn that the vergers are armed.

Geoff Brown said...

Fr. John --

Yup, indeed I am a liberal, and proud of it. I have many friends who are conservative (including my Vicar), libertarian, and middle-of-the-road. I disagree with most of them much of the time, but none of them is fuzzy-thinking. Name-calling is really a little unbecoming, don't you think?

While I am sure that, as you say, God does know about our soccer program, you clearly do not, so I respectfully refer you to, where you can learn about it.

"Bait" it is not -- unless all outreach is "bait" -- and your "brought in" crack was sort of unbecoming. I like to think that the Holy Spirit was at work when the young man came in, as I certainly did nothing to encourage him to do so.

He's been back, too -- even after summer soccer ended.