Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Hey Hey! Ho Ho! Deadbeats Have Got To Go!

The first Tuesday of every month is foreclosure day in Georgia. Foreclosure auctions are generally held on the courthouse steps of the county where the property is located.

This morning I was in the Fulton County Courthouse. The Fulton County Courthouse is in downtown Atlanta and is three blocks away from the State Capitol and two blocks from Atlanta City Hall. as is often the case on foreclosure day, a group had decided to add to the press of people and have a little protest.

Marching up and down the street in front of the foreclosures were a total of twelve protesters when I entered the courthouse. Ten of them had very similar signs that read (more or less) "Abolish sub-prime loans. Stop illegal foreclosures." One protester had a sign that said simply "Stop obesity" against the background of a dollar bill. The last had a very verbose sign alleging someone named Angela is a political prisoner in the jail.

When I left the courthouse all twelve were still there. However, they were gathering in a tight group and there was a video crew with a talking head. So if anyone watches the evening news tonight and sees a protest group in Atlanta at the county courthouse, please remember there were only twelve of them.

With any luck they won't be chanting during the shoot. They were singing a hymn when I entered the courthouse and doing an excellent job of it. So you may be able to hear some good singing instead of the usual chanted drivel.

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