Monday, June 23, 2008

Double Snub

Even after all the analysis, musical theatre, low humour and snarky commentary about Piskie madness, I didn't get invited to GAFCON. To be overlooked in that manner was manageable on my part because I reckoned they didn't want someone of my wild-eyed (verbal) bomb throwing propensities.

Today the list of people who are banned from GAFCON was posted. And I am not on it!

Those farging bastages! Those iceholes!

All that is left to do is weep tears of bitter despair and re-read "Whose Body".


Perpetua said...

The link to Johnny Dangerously is so funny. But ... this is a cultural reference with which I have no previous experience. Please explain.

Matthew said...

The villain in Johnny Dangerously never actually says any bad words. He just comes close and says them in a menacing tone. The clip is pretty representative of that particular running gag.