Friday, April 25, 2008

NY Times Openly Disses Episcopal Bishop

Their headline reads: "Gay Bishop Plans His Civil Union Rite". Why can't they just honour his wishes and leave this simple country bishop be? The press in this country just keep getting worse and worse..........

Addendum: Hills of the North says it funnier.


Jeff H said...

"'We could have, I suppose, just gone to the town clerk and had that signed,' he said, 'but, you know, I’m a religious person, and every major event in my life has been marked with some kind of liturgy and giving thanks to God.'"

One wonders whether (a) his divorce was "marked with some kind of liturgy and giving thanks to God," or whether instead (b) he doesn't consider his divorce to be a "major event" in his life.

SlaneHill said...

Jeff, I vaguely recall that he claimed he and his wife went to their parish church for some kind of "blessing" on their divorce.

Anonymous said...

Vicki and his wife had a "special" Eucharist in their parish church and "released" each other from their matrimonial vows. No word yet on whether God heard them or not.

Nothing more than "Me me me, me me me, me me me, and more me me me" from the prince of Me.

All hail the prince of Me. Rubbish.