Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Last Centurions

Today, I did something totally self-indulgent. This year has sucked if not majorly, then minorly so far. I found out some minor money bad news today (nothing serious). Feeling sad and blue, I decided I needed a treat to buck my spirits up. I went browsing over at Baen books looking for hard Science Fiction. Instead, I found this. John Ringo's upcoming book, The Last Centurion. Only, instead of being a regular book for which I would have to wait until August to read, I could get it as an advance copy online. There was much joy in this part of Atlanta late this afternoon.

It's pretty nifty. Yes, I've finished it. The battles are pretty good, it's thin on characterization, the humour is guy-stuff and there are longish rants on various subjects. In short it is classic John Ringo. And I liked it. I think my testosterone level is back up again after having finished it. And that is a Good Thing.

Oh, and there is a (free) spiffy web site associated with the book.

Sometimes reading about the good guys winning is just what the doctor ordered. No, it is not realistic. I live in reality. I know all about it. Sometimes, it is nice to escape reality and have fun.

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Brian Dunbar said...

John Ringo really jacks my stuff. I just burned through the 9 sample chapters on Baen's website and (whine) it's just getting good.