Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hard Times

It appears that Seabury-Western seminary, outside of Chicago, won't be admitting any new students come the Fall. Whether or not the school will be offering any degree programs is up in the air at the moment.

Apparently there have been few applicants, little money and reduced support from the Episcopal Church.

I have mixed feelings about this. On the hand hand it is always sad when a school hits hard times. On the other hand, this is the same seminary that practices 'communion of the unbaptized' in its chapel.


Anonymous said...

Why mixed feelings? A good argument can be made that the rot that is currently consuming TEC began in its seminaries. Each one that goes under is further proof, despite the PB's protestations to the contrary, that TEC is a dead church walking. I'd rather dance on EDS's grave, but this will do for a starter.

--- Brize

Hills of the North editor said...

No mixed feelings here, either, save for sorry at the human cost of this debacle to the students who might not have known better. Indeed this cancer was in the seminaries before it metastasized into the rest of our spiritually weak and immuno-compromised church. I suspect this is but the first seminary to go: Bexley seems like a likely candidate to follow. And if the number of parishes continues to shrink, and money dry up, this will only exascerbate.

hills of the north editor said...

Should read, ". . . this will only exascerbate the problem."

(And it should have read "save for sorrow" in the first line)

To think I have "editor" in my moniker . . . .

Matthew said...

#3, If it makes you feel better, when I got serious about this blog I promised my self two rules with one major caveat.

1. I would try to post each and every day
2. I would not substantially modify any posts.

The caveat was that I would fix any grammatical or spelling mistakes whenever possible. Law school does that to a person.

I've stuck to both rules, with one major exception. I modified one post because I realized after I posted it that someone I care about a great deal would be hurt by the original version.

So you are not alone in being somewhat obsessive about the writing. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, since we all seem to be in editor mode, the word is actually spelled "exacerbate."

Brize again, just being picky.