Monday, February 04, 2008

Dust Up at the Daughters of the King

BabyBlue has the whole story.

The Episcopal Church is behaving the way it is, not because it's a church, the body of the faithful. It's behaving exactly the same way that Wal-Mart does when Target opens up a store in town.

All of the actions and rhetoric from 815 make absolutely no sense when compared with any Christian doctrine, but it makes a great deal of sense when looked at through the eyes of an economist. The Episcopal church is a large organisation that is slowly failing. With the break away churches, it is being confronted with competition on its home turf of good liturgy. Therefore it is acting to restrict competition by lashing out at the breakaway churches. Add in the obvious feelings of rejection and wounded pride on the part of the Episcopal Church hierarchy and you have a fine mess.

I understand it. But it's poor thinking from both the economic and the theological perspective. Because none of this nonsense will correct the systemic problems of the Episcopal Church. Quite frankly I read it as an admission of the church's leaderships incompetence.


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