Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Millennium Development Goals

The Episcopal Church has been touting the UN's Millennium Development Goals. One of my favourite things to do to determine what an organisation's priorities really are, is to see where they spend their money. Call me a materialist, but I firmly believe that reveals more about people than their rhetoric.

So let's look at the national church's budget. I note two items, the actual amount designated MDG partnership for 2007 is $308,000(.59% of the total budget). The amounts allocated for "Title IV Investigation, Trial and Legal" as well as "Property Protection for Mission" are $800,000(1.54% of the budget).

Which is more important to the Episcopal Church: the highly touted Millennium Development Goals or litigation?

And just FYI, the projected shortfall for 2007 is $805,435. That's an interesting figure when compared to the legal fees budgeted, isn't it.

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