Friday, November 02, 2007

It's a lot of money for me

but the cost of building a space elevator is surprisingly affordable. Why hasn't it been built already?


Andrew said...

While $12billion may be a LOT of money for an individual, it is within reach if a major corporation decided to throw their weight behind it. If Boeing or Lockheed decided to form a consortium, I bet $12 billion could easily be raised. And, like the Erie Canal, I bet that the investment would pay off very quickly!

Martial Artist said...

In asserting that "the cost … is surprisingly affordable" I believe that you have failed to consider two factors which were not present in the Erie canal comparison: (a) the Federal government almost certainly would be involved in the building of this structure, and (b) their involvement would likely be through NASA.

These two facts taken together virtually ensure that the cost overruns would be at least an order of magnitude greater than the actually estimated cost of such a project!

Other than those little details ;-) who could possibly be against it?

Blessings and regards,