Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Yesterday's Little Meeting

Anglican TV webcast the ACN meetings for the past two days. Kevin Kallsen did a bang-up job doing it. The one person who made a huge impression upon me was Archbishop Gregory Venables. His Bible studies were profound, Scripturally sound and moving. Peter Ould had a webchat room set up as part of this and the one comment I made that I'm proudest of was something along the lines of "It's sad that I feel so elated to hear an Anglican teach the Bible so well".

Of course our honourable opposition had a different take on what transpired.

The Internet is a wonderful thing. Before the Internet, I would have had to rely on second party accounts of what happened and what was the mood of the meeting. Now I know. Because I witnessed it as it happened and was able to hear the side comments, the casual chatter, the jokes and the groans. I could see the faces of the people there and read their emotions for myself.

I'm certain there were those present at the meeting who felt as Ms. Sherrod reports. But I didn't see them, nor did I hear them. What I saw was unity, a sense of purpose and at the end a feeling of accomplishment and of peace.

I've been told that the videos will be posted later. Check them out for yourself when they are.

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