Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I subscribe to two Episcopalian mailing lists. One is Magdalen House, which I would describe as the view from the pew. The other is the House of Bishops and Deputies (HOBD) mailing list. Which is more a reflection of what the church leadership thinks. For whatever reason, Gmail is sorting the two. Every post to Magdalen goes into my inbox. All of the HOBD posts are being sent to the spam folder.

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Chip Johnson+, cj said...

Well, no wonder! The HobDee entries for the past several weeks have been pure crap, hence the good sense of your spam filter catching them. I have had several caught each week for the past three years, BTW.

Sometimes I wonder why I even keep reading the listserv anyway, it fills my inbox, very entry is immediately dispatched to the electronic round file, and it usually makes me mad to read it, particularly the frequent flyers, who have taken complete leave of their senses.