Sunday, August 06, 2006

I went target shooting with my brother yesterday. I've been thinking about buying a 9mm semi since Gary's friend, Tony showed off his Springfield XD. Andy brought a large assortment of very good guns and we had a grand time shooting them. As expected, I fell in love with the CZ-75B.

It's a fun, reliable semi and was a great joy to shoot. When I finally got home, exhausted, I did a 'net search on it and found a local dealer that was a rep for the company. Sally and I went up there today. We both fired ten rounds through a used model the store had. And again, it was fun. Sally got a big kick out of being back in a gun shop after all these years!

So I bought it. After 15+ years of not having a gun, I have one again. I'm not comfortable with the 'home defence' aspects of gun ownership. But target shooting again is going to be a total blast. I'm not as accurate as I used to be, but with practice, I may be. And that's something I'm anxious to discover.

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